Ruby on rails in Action


Build REST APIs With Grape

If you want to build modular, versioned RESTful APIs in Ruby, then Grape is the perfect tool. With its strong conventions, it strives to be the perfect solution for that small to medium size API you want to build.


Ruby MVC Framework From Scratch

In this course, we’ll build our own simple MVC framework on top of Rack. Though the final product naturally won’t be as full-featured as, say, Ruby on Rails, the journey is what counts! Let’s learn how it’s done.


Gang of Four Design Patterns in Ruby

Have you been programming for a long time? If so, have you faced any situation that has come to be quite hard to solve? A feature that needs change but affects other features? A bug that’s hard to solve because it affects more than one place in your code?


Ruby for PHP Developers

Sometimes, when learning a new language, it’s helpful to do so from a safe place. This course will guide you through the Ruby waters, using the PHP understanding that you already possess.


OOD in Ruby: SOLID Principles

In this course, we’ll dive into the SOLID principles. However, while many books and videos focus on the theory aspect, we’ll instead take a different, more practical and hands-on approach. So why don’t you join me ?

Course detail
Build REST APIs With GrapeMark Twain10.30 AM004
Ruby MVC Framework From ScratchJanet Hope10.30 AM014
Gang of Four Design Patterns in RubyTom Cruise12.30 AM094
Ruby for PHP DevelopersBob Sinclair11.30 AM054