Android in Action


Unity Android Game Development by Example

Powerful and continuing to grow, the mobile market has never been bigger and more demanding of great games. Android continues to prove itself as a strong contender in this challenging market. With Unity 3D, great games can be made for Android quickly and easily. With its great deployment system, the Android platform is now only one click away.


Asynchronous Android

Learn how to use Android’s high-level concurrency constructs to keep your applications smooth and responsive.
Leverage the full power of multi-core mobile CPUs to get more work done in less time.
From quick calculations to scheduled downloads, each chapter explains the available mechanisms of asynchronous programming in detail.


Learning Android Intents

Understand Android Intents to make application development quicker and easier.
Categorize and implement various kinds of Intents in your application.
Perform data manipulation within Android applications.


Android for the Busy Developer

Welcome to the dazzling world of Android development. In this course, and in collaboration with the folks at CodeXpert, we’ll dive into the process of building Android applications with Intelligent idea.


Designing Icons For IOS And Android

The mobile app arena is pretty hot, and it’s all about the icon. It doesn't matter how great your app may be, if the icon is ugly, it won’t get downloads. Let’s fix that.

Course detail
Unity Android Game Development by ExampleMark Twain10.30 AM004
Asynchronous AndroidJanet Hope10.30 AM014
Learning Android IntentsTom Cruise12.30 AM094
Android for the Busy DeveloperBob Sinclair11.30 AM054