ASP.NET in Action


Extending ASP.NET MVC

Microsoft designed the ASP.NET MVC to be extensible. Its so extensible that you can replace just about every component and subsystem in the MVC framework with your own, or a third-party’s, implementation. In this course, we’ll look at just some of the ways we can extend the MVC Framework.



ASP.NET is a flexible platform that lets developers choose how they want to write a web application. Be it with Web Pages, WebForms, or the MVC frameworks, you can develop your app with your programming model of choice, while still having access to the great features provided by ASP.NET. My favorite is the MVC Framework, and I’ll introduce you to it in this course.


Building Ribbit in ASP.NET MVC

In this course, we’ll build a Twitter clone called Ribbit using ASP.NET MVC. Following on from our popular multi-language series on Nettuts+, this time, we’ll use screencasts to teach the process!


ASP.NET: Web Pages, Web Forms, and MVC

ASP.NET is a powerful and flexible web platform, capable of running simple sites, enterprise-class applications and web services. Let’s examine three programming models and learn the basics in this course.


ASP.NET From Scratch: Controllers and Simple Model Validation

This latest episode continues to delve into the ASP.NET MVC framework by looking at controllers and their role in MVC applications. You will also learn how to perform model validation by implementing the IDataErrorInfo interface.

Course detail
Extending ASP.NET MVCMark Twain10.30 AM004
ASP.NET 102: MVCJanet Hope10.30 AM014
Building Ribbit in ASP.NET MVCTom Cruise12.30 AM094
ASP.NET: Web Pages, Web Forms, and MVCBob Sinclair11.30 AM054